• Matt Herriot

A Note on 2018

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

'Remote I'

‘Bevis’ and ‘Remote I’ were completed a year apart, almost to the day. In this past year I’ve enjoyed dedicating more time to painting, and in doing so I’ve developed a lot more confidence in the colours and marks I’m applying to my work. Joining Yale has exposed me to so many new types of work - it’s been brilliant talking to people with different perspectives on art. As an intellectual institution, Yale has encouraged me to be more deliberate with the creative decisions I make, and think more deeply about why I’m painting what I paint.


There seems to be an accepted formula to being a good artist at Yale. First you need to discover your preferences by visiting galleries and museums. Then, learn a variety of techniques and mediums and narrow down your craft until you have a style that is unique. Lastly, form a theory behind your work - why did you choose to create what you did? After all, it’s unique work, so there’s got to be a reason for its uniqueness.

In my view, this forced process may restrict creativity. Albeit there is still a huge place for explaining the meaning behind artwork, not every decision in a painting needs justification. Sometimes it's important to create by letting go of deliberated thought and just expressing yourself. This stance is what has lead to the creation of ‘Kai’, a new dynamic painting I finished in late November.

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